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Porto Cristo is a quiet resort located on the east coast of Mallorca, 60 km faraway from Palma airport.

The town has built up around its natural port, where there is a beach that is well protected from the wind and seaborne storms. The situation of the beach means that it is an ideal spot for swimming right from the start of summer, or even during winter for the more adventurous. At the height of summer, the high throughput of pleasure craft in the port means that the quality of the water is not as high as at other points on the island, even so, there are always plenty of swimmers in the water.

There is a wide variety of bars and restaurants around the harbour and the beach, and this area is a popular meeting point for people during the weekend nights.

The port is the departure point for the boats that run trips along the coast, these boats having taken up the port space that has been left by the fishing trawlers. In fact, professional fishing has just a token presence nowadays; the vast majority of llaüts (traditional boats, that in the past were fitted with a lateen sail) are owned by enthusiasts rather than professionals.

Thousands of tourists visit the caves at Porto Cristo during the day, these are karst formations and a live music and light show brings this incredible setting to life. The first of these caves to be discovered were the Caves of Drach in 1896, and excursions to them were first organised for European visitors between 1925 and 1935. The Hams Caves were discovered in 1907, and they were officially inaugurated in 1910.

There are relatively few hotels in the town in comparison with other coastal resorts. This is due to the fact that the people from the area promoted Porto Cristo as an area to spend summer in the 1940s, and many of them constructed second houses here. This occurred prior to the tourist boom of the 1960s, and Porto Cristo has maintained its charm as a summer town for Mallorcans.

Weekly market; Every Sunday morning in the Passeig de la Sirena next to the beach.


Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo