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Beaches nearby

Cala Anguila

Cala Anguila has a beautiful sandy area with gentle slope and an attractive fine-grained golden sand. The cliffs that surround this sea entrance, where a torrent flows into, are not very high and there is a big cave that might be visited. The depth ranges from seven metres at the beginning of the natural entrance to four metres at about 10 metres from the coast.

The accessibility by car to Cala Anguila is easy following the signs going towards Porto Cristo from Punta de Vistalegre. The car may be left in the streets of the residential village and you will have to go down the stairs to reach Cala Anguila.

Cala Anguila is a residential development funded by Swiss capital in the early 1970s, and the zone was named Porto Cristo Novo. The area is mainly made up of single-family constructions and tourist apartments.

Cala Mendia

Cala Mendia is a beach located at about three kilometres from Punta de Vistalegre, following the road towards Porto Cristo. The cliffs keep the surroundings of this sea inlet which continues for 150 metres toward the interior and finishes on a fine-grained, white sandy area, wide and large. The water is crystal clear and the beach is open to the winds from the north-east and east, with an excellent sandy ground for anchoring boats.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings of Cala Mendia.

There are some hotels but the majority of buildings are single-family constructions and tourist apartments.

S'Estany d'en Mas / Cala Romàntica

S’Estany d’en Mas is a tourist resort, known as well as Cala Romantica, which mainly comprises detached single-family constructions for tourist use.

The beach of S’Estany den Mas is somewhat larger than the ones in the neighbouring developments of Cala Anguila and Cala Mendia, with which it forms an unbroken line of development along the coast. It has excellent conditions for anchoring boats although it is not sheltered from the winds blowing from the east and south-east. The depth ranges from six metres at 200 metres from the coast to 15 metres in the entrance, on a sandy ground with seaweed, and three metres at 150 metres from the beach.

It is situated at about 4 kilometres from Punta de Vistalegre, following the road to Porto Cristo. This beautiful cave with white sand has the origin is the large Torrent des Morts, surrounded by medium-high cliffs of clear limestone. On the left part of the beach there is a promenade that connects with the neighbour Cala Mendia beach.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The car can be left on a free parking area, next to S´Estany den Mas beach.

Porto Cristo beach

Porto Cristo beach is well protected from the wind and seaborne storms. The situation of the beach means that it is an ideal spot for swimming right from the start of summer, or even during winter for the more adventurous. At the height of summer, the high throughput of pleasure craft in the port means that the quality of the water is not as high as at other points on the island, even so, there are always plenty of swimmers in the water.

Porto Cristo

Beaches nearby